State Police Remind Drivers of Move Over Law After Recent Incidents

(WTNH) – The deaths of two Pennsylvania State Troopers who were struck by a car on I-95 on Monday is a sad reminder of the dangers police face on the highway.

In Connecticut recently, there have been a lot of close calls on the road as well. Whether it’s issuing a traffic ticket or helping a stranded motorist, highway patrol officers put their lives on the line every day, especially on the side of the road.

“People are getting killed because people are failing to move over,” State Trooper Zachary Cash said.

Under the Move Over law, which is enforced in all 50 states, motorists are required to move over one lane or reduce speed if there’s an emergency vehicle with flashing lights on the shoulder of the road.

A recent dashcam video shows a car smashing into a police cruiser on I-95. In Norwalk, someone sideswiped a police cruiser and in Hartford, a state trooper had to be cut out of his cruiser after the car was struck by another car.

Just a few weeks ago, Cash experienced a near miss while issuing a citation. The driver almost struck him driving 88 miles per hour in a 65 MPH zone.

“I was in the process of writing the summons, the vehicle, which was in the right lane of three, failed to move over, crossed into the shoulder, nearly struck my cruiser, and sideswiped the driver I had originally stopped,” Cash said. “The lights are on for a reason. We’re either trying to save a life or someone who really needs help.”

If you’re caught violating the Move Over law, the consequences don’t come cheap. The fine is $181.

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