We all share the responsibility to keep our roadways safe. To save lives, we have to watch out for each other!

Each year, about 1,500 pedestrians and 550 bicyclists are hit by cars on Connecticut roadways, leading to serious injuries and fatalities. Watch for Me CT is a statewide campaign aimed at reducing those numbers through awareness, education, and enforcement.

The program began in 2017 in response to a one-week period in December 2016 with 9 serious crashes involving pedestrians, resulting in 8 fatalities. It is spearheaded by the Connecticut Department of Transportation (CT DOT) and Connecticut Children’s Injury Prevention Center.

Watch for Me CT increases the overall visibility of pedestrian and bicyclist safety issues through public service messages and community engagement efforts such as special events, sponsorships and partnerships. The program also provides educational materials to leaders such as government staff, pedestrian and bicycle advocates, city planners, law enforcement agencies, engineers, public health professionals, the media, influencers, elected officials, parents, and educators.

Use this site to learn how to be a safer driver, bicyclist, and pedestrian. And please help us spread the message by downloading and/or sharing the resources with your peers, company, family, class, etc.


Walk audits

Watch for Me CT can lead a group of advocates, community leaders, and others through an assessment of the walkability, safety, and accessibility of an area of your town.

Tabling at events

We can provide a table of information for health and safety fairs, community events, bike rodeos, open streets, and other events.


Watch for Me CT is available to give talks to groups of 5 or more. Past presentations have been made to driving schools, Rotary Clubs, classrooms ages K-2, disability groups, parks and rec departments, and others.

Panels and summits include the Governor’s Highway Safety Association’s Annual Meeting, Bike Walk CT’s Annual Summit, the Hartford Multi-Modal Transit Summit, and distracted driving conferences and panels.

Click here to learn more about our community safety events.

There are no charges for the services of Watch for Me CT.

To request services, please contact Amy Watkins.

Topics include:

Driving safely around bicyclists and pedestrians

Laws and basic best practices for bicycling safely

Basic bicycle and pedestrian safety for children

Pedestrian safety for the disabled (blind, deaf, and mobility impaired)

Safe trail usage and trail etiquette

Distracted driving

Runner/walker safety

Other related topics as requested



  • Apr192021

    Hartford Earth Week Coltsville Area Walk/Bike Audit

    We will be doing a walk/bike (and transit) audit of the area around Coltsville in Hartford in collaboration with:
    (1) Friends of Colt Park
    (2) The Hartford Athletic (soccer team)
    (3) Transport Hartford Academy
    (4) BiCi Co. Community Bicycle Workshop
    (5) The Hartford Garden Club
    (6) City of Hartford Complete Streets Committee
    (7) City of Hartford Office of Sustainability
    “Walk audits are a great tool to gather information about street conditions, engage community members, and inform planning and traffic safety projects. Through walk audits, you can help improve walking, health, and quality of life in your community! In a walk audit, community members go for a walk together, noting what makes their streets feel comfortable for walking and what is missing. Walk audits can be informal and casual events with just a few friends, or can include city council members, traffic engineers, and detailed forms.” – from the National Safe Routes to School Partnership
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